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Senior Pastor of New Hope Tokyo

Talo Sataraka

Pastor Talo and his wife Noriko are the founders of New Hope Tokyo. They have a daughter Erika who is the joy of their life. Pastor Talo, who was born in Samoa, first came to Japan as a missionary with YWAM when he was 22 years old, and served for 7 years as a director at Shibuya Harvest church. Later he returned to Hawaii, and while serving as an intern at New Hope Christian Fellowship Oahu under his mentor Pastor Wayne Cordeiro, he underwent training as a pastor at Pacific Rim Christian College, and graduated with a master’s degree in Christian ministry.
With a vision of pioneering a vibrant church that would convey the love of Jesus through creative arts, Pastor Talo and Noriko returned to Japan in 1999 to start New Hope Tokyo with a few friends who shared the same vision.
As the director of New Hope Japan Association, through New Hope Tokyo, Pastor Talo has contributed to the pioneering of New Hope Yokohama, New Hope Osaka, New Hope Narimasu (a satellite church), and New Hope Taiwan. In addition he has established New Hope International Preschool in Tokyo. With a passion for church planting in Japan, Asia, and the South Pacific, Pastor Talo acts as the director of New Hope International Asia, which oversees churches in Japan, Taiwan, Myanmar, and the Philippines.
Pastor Talo plays the ukulele, and cooks a mean BBQ.

pastor shintaro


渡辺 真太郎


Pastor of New Hope Narimasu

Shintaro Watanabe

After graduating Tokyo Christian Theological Seminary in 1995, Shintaro wanted to learn from an overseas church, when he happened to meet a missionary who had been sent to Japan from New Hope Hilo. He was led to New Hope Oahu just before it had started worship services, and worked there for 1 year as staff of the Levites Ministry. In 2000, he joined New Hope Tokyo. In 2010, he was appointed as the pastor of New Hope Narimasu, a satellite church of New Hope Tokyo, where he ministers now. As well as being a pastor, he has been teaching at the Chiba Eiwa High School since 1998.

pastor jeremy



ミスタージェレミーはスクー ルディレクターです。カリフォルニア大学バークレー校を卒業、1997年来日し、長崎の幼稚園などで教えていた時に幼児教育を学びました。 それ以来日本で子供たちに教えています。妻の智美と3人の子供がいます。趣味は 読書、ランニング、ハイキングです。

Pastor of New Hope Narimasu

Jeremy Seminoff

Mr. Jeremy is the school director. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. In 1997, he moved to Japan and learned about early childhood education while teaching at preschools in Nagasaki. He has been teaching children in Japan almost ever since. He and his wife Tomomi have three children. His hobbies include reading, running and hiking.